India procures 707.24 lakh tonnes of paddy so far in 2021-22 season: Food Ministry

The Centre has procured 707.24 lakh tonnes of paddy at the minimum support price (MSP) in the ongoing 2021-22 marketing year so far. Over 96 lakh farmers across the country have benefitted from the procurement scheme, said Union Food Ministry.

“Till now, about 96.41 lakh farmers have been benefited with an MSP value of Rs 1,38,619.58 crore,” the ministry said in a statement. A quantity of 707.24 lakh tonnes of paddy has been procured till February 27 of the ongoing 2021-22 marketing year, it said.

Out of the total procurement undertaken so far, maximum of 186.85 lakh tonnes of paddy has been procured from Punjab, followed by 92.01 lakh tonnes from Chhattisgarh, 70.22 lakh tonnes from Telangana, 55.30 lakh tonnes from Haryana and 64.93 lakh tonnes from Uttar Pradesh till February 27 of the ongoing marketing year.

The paddy marketing season normally begins from October and runs through September. During the 2020-21 marketing season, the government had procured 895.83 lakh tonnes of paddy at a MSP value of Rs 1,69,133.26 crore.

The government undertakes procurement operations through state-run Food Corporation of India (FCI) as well as state agencies. The government buys largely paddy and wheat to protect farmers with MSP as well as use the procured grains for distribution through ration shops for the poor beneficiaries registered under the National Food Security Act at highly subsidized rates.

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