West Bengal to promote horticulture marketing in the state

Department of Food Processing & Horticulture, Government of West Bengal and the Kolkata based Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) have joined hands to promote horticulture and marketing of horticulture products in the state. The intention is to boost farmers income by means of diversifying crop pattern and promoting natural farming.

Jayanta Kumar Aikat (IAS), Director Food Processing Industries, Director Horticultural (Administration) & Commissioner Food Processing Industries & Horticulture, Government of West Bengal, was present as the Chief Guest at the launch of the initiative at Greenic Farms, Birohi, Nadia. The programme was launched through a camp where seeds and saplings were distributed to the local farmers. Pumpkin and Sponge Boat (Dhudhul) seeds and Tissue Culture Banana saplings were distributed among the farmers. 

This is the first district based horticulture camp initiatives by the department of FPI&H, Government of West Bengal and MCCI. More than 150 farmers participated in the launch programme. Mr. Aikat and other dignitaries present at the programme demonstrated the farmers about improved way of farming and the latest technology available for implementation to improve crop health.

The horticulture department officials informed the farmers about the various incentives available in increasing horticulture acreages in West Bengal. Mr. Aikat said, “Natural farming was a stepping stone to moving towards organic farming. For natural farming, farmers require to have a buffer land to segregate between inorganic and natural farming.” He said the state was working towards creating a market linked mechanism which could lead producers of horticulture products discover a better price of their produce in the neighbouring states. In this respect the farm producers organisations (FPOs) have a major role to play, he said. Suresh Agarwal, Chairman, Council for Agriculture and Horticulture, Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce and Industries, who presided over the meeting said,

West Bengal, had a very rich soil variety and immense potential to produce variety of crops, vegetables and fruits across the state. He urged the government to take initiatives to help farmers market their produce. Horticulture department officials, present at the programme, assured the farmers of financial support through various schemes if they took the right initiative. 

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