Twelve bidders express interest in constructing floating solar power plants in Goa

At four dams across the state of Goa, 12 businesses have expressed an interest in constructing floating solar power plants. The state government had invited an expression of interest (EOI) for the selection of solar power producers to operate grid-connected floating power plants at four dams throughout the state.

The water resources department has issued a no-objection certificate (NOC) and the electricity department is awaiting the notification from the state government. They have written to the electricity department for their NOC.

On a 25-year plan, the solar power plants will be constructed at Selaulim, Amthanem, Anjunem, and Chapoli dams. The bidders are being prompted to present their concept note and feasibility report, as well as the technical and financial viability of the proposal.

The bidders will also have to send a summary of their technical and financial ability. Moreover, the bidder’s primary concern is to determine the value of each location’s grid-connected floating solar power plant capacity.

The EOI’s objectives include solar power generation, water conservation by less evaporation, employment development for the rural community, and increased solar generation due to maintained temperature of solar panels. Since the solar power project will be located on a water bed, the land surfaces for the same capacity as the project will be used for other purposes, and the land cost will not be affected. The department of new and renewable energy will assist in providing the necessary space at all four dams for the construction of floating solar power plant projects in the state.

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