IG International ties up with Engin Tarim from Turkey for 50,000 tonnes of apple cultivation

India’s fruit importer, IG International has entered into a joint venture with Turkish apple producer Engin Tarim to cultivate 50,000 tonnes of apples in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in the next three years.

The joint venture named IG-EnginTarim will nurture and cultivate 50,000 tonnes of apples in around 500 hectares in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand over the next three years, according to an official statement from IG International.

“This partnership will bring scalable production, expertise, network and quality assurance to all our customers,” said IG International Director – single family office – Tarun Arora.

The new joint venture aims to produce five apple varieties over the next three years. According to the statement, Engin Tarim has become known for its environmentally friendly approach, as well as its technological proficiency and modern outlook.

“A production capability of 55,000 tonnes of first-rate apples and a depot that can stock 17,800 tonnes of apples coupled with novel protective cultivation methods has earned the brand a GlobalGAP and Good Agriculture Certification,” said the statement.

IG’s organised sourcing system along with a seamless supply chain and broad overseas procurement network has enabled the company to import best quality fruits from 22 different countries.

“As it has been many years since the first apple container was loaded from Turkey to India, Turkey has become the top source of apples for India. We’re thrilled to announce the new partnership between the two companies,” said Seyda Ertug, chairman of Engin Tarim. Further he added, “With the establishment of this one-of-a-kind joint venture in India, the cooperation between these companies that love agriculture has become official. While these two leading companies continue to deliver quality and freshness in the industry, innovative and revolutionary projects will come with the combination of each firms’ knowledge and development. We believe that this new partnership will bring a fresh breath to the global fruit and vegetable industry.”

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