Emmvee Power to commission a 750 MW solar module manufacturing facility near Bengaluru

Bengaluru-based solar manufacturer Emmvee Photovoltaic Power is set to commission a modern solar module manufacturing facility at Dobbespet, near the city, next month. This will help the company increase exports to the US and European markets.

The 750 megawatts (MW) capacity at the company’s 22-acre campus at Dobbespet, along with another 500 MW unit it operates near the international airport, will take the total installed capacity of the company to 1250 MW.

The new unit is part of Emmvee group’s Rs 1000 crore investment that was cleared by the high-level committee, headed by the then chief minister BS Yediyurappa, in May 2021. Subsequently, the company is also planning to add two more units of 900 MW each over the next two years, taking the total installed capacity to 3000 MW.

The company has spent Rs 150 crore to set up the first module unit at Dobbespet, where it also runs a solar water heater manufacturing unit. Further, Emmvee’s team is working on setting up a solar silicon cell manufacturing unit of 1500 MW capacity next year. This will help cut import of cells to feed the module units.

Besides, the company is expecting to switch to importing only silicon wafers from countries including South Korea, Taiwan and China, the key input for making solar cells.

The production of high-efficiency modules will help the company increase its global footprint as it already has a head start in the European markets. As such the solar modules exported to Europe, North America, Asia and Africa have successfully completed their lifecycle of 15 years.

Meanwhile, Emmvee is set to double its revenues to Rs 1200 crore by March 2023 and to Rs 3000 crore by March 2024.

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