About Us

Commodities make up for a massive chunk of Asian economies worth trillions of dollars. Agriculture, mining, food, metal- and energy-related industries employ hundreds of millions of people across the region. Except for a few straggling efforts to cover this key industry and understand the people behind it better, there is comparatively little written about those who really make a difference to the world of commodities.

We are a bunch of people with deep interest in what is generally considered a staid field to which we want to offer a serious perspective using our ability to join the dots and link events that would impact trade.

We are mostly hooked to analysis and faces. We are about cutting the loop and offering that rare view that is missing on news sites.

We care deeply about the people who trade and build businesses from commodities, as much we care about the farmers who produce and the miner who digs. We are also concerned about what policymakers lose their sleep over.

IndoAsiancommodities.com is our attempt to ensure that policy wonks get space to share their perspective with an industry busy with tenders and trading. It is our mission to better decipher an industry that is not perceived to be glamorous, but yet has an important bearing on our day-to-day lives.



Deepan Joshi is a seasoned New Delhi-based journalist and has worked in various capacities with Reuters, Hindustan Times, Mail Today, The Times of India, and Down To Earth. His key skill is turning bumpy reportage into compelling narratives that are difficult to ignore. As a writer he is passionate about sports, but his spectrum of interest covers the entire theatre of existence. He can turn into a monk if he has a well-written book in hand.

Like his down to earth nature, Biman Mukherji identifies strongly with things on the ground or below it. From gold to grains, Mukherji brings many years of international experience in reporting and analysing trends in commodity markets. In his spare time, he loves to wield a camera, which also happens to go well with his love for writing feature stories.

Ritwik Sinha chased trucks in his childhood, without realising logistics would become a deep love for him. Inherently a television man, he now spends long hours interviewing key people for our very popular YouTube channel. Podcasts are next on his list. In his free time, Ritwik is either looking for a warehouse filled with commodities or hitching a ride on a cold truck – all of which yields great stories!

Shampa Bahadur loves her coffee and features. New to the world of commodities, she spent long years covering business before beginning to write about her favourite drink. She wants to humanise commodities, give wheat, steel, tea and copper a face. She spent many years writing about infrastructure before giving that up to now focus on issues that matter to her new world. Awesomely networked, she works the phones in her free time.

Saurjyesh Bhaduri, SN to most, wears many hats, but can’t still figure out what makes him passionate about commodities. A marketing wizard, SN has worked his way around, and now finds himself digging for gold at agri companies and conjuring up a plethora of written and visual content that not only appeals to us but also to our readers. He allows his mind, spinning with new ideas, take a weekend break when he’s at a golf course.