COMMENT – No real impact on gold and silver from virtual Jackson Hole


CARSTEN MENKE, Head of Next Generation Research, Julius Baer Even though the central bankers’ famous symposium in Jackson Hole lifted gold and silver prices on Friday last week, there should be no major fundamental impact on the markets. The key question remains whether the economy continues to recover or whether it slips back into recession. […]

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COMMENT – India could be a dampener to global oil demand as world reopens


Most of the world is vaccinating itself and reopening, boosting expectations that growing economies would help trigger a bump in oil demand that was viscerally hit last year, but India – one of the world’s biggest importers – remains a cause of concern. The Organization of Oil Producing Countries (OPEC) said earlier this week that […]

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COMMENT – Does China’s appetite for steel makes carbon-cutting journey difficult?


China’s huge appetite for steel, as its economy begins to grow again after a Covid-19-triggered slowdown last year, is making its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint difficult. As the world marches towards a net-zero carbon emissions, China is getting stuck between its desire for a greener future and an economic turnaround that has sent […]

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COMMENT – Colonial Pipeline hack: Implications for the future, lessons from the past


Forecasts tell you a lot about the forecaster, but they don’t tell you anything about the future or in the case of commodities the grammatically weird plural futures. When they do come true, it is usually a mixture of deep intelligence meeting immense luck. The July 1995 released film The Net, starring Sandra Bullock as […]

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COMMENT – Genome editing offers new ray of hope to tackle malnutrition


Plant-based diets have been recommended for better planetary health also as it would be more sustainable with lower environmental impacts and improving food and nutritional security of the generations. There is an urgent need to transform current diets for improving health of the population and to achieve equity in benefits at social, economic and environmental […]

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COMMENT – India’s export challenges: container shipment angst


The principal mode for transport for dry, non-bulk cargoes is containers, transported by dedicated Container-ships. Containers carry around 90 percent of the world’s non-bulk cargo. They are usually of a standard size, either 20-foot or 40-foot containers. This helps not only in standardizing shipping requirements and optimizing freight costs but also in unloading to various […]

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