World Gold Council reveals its consumer research report; survey highlights substantial opportunities for gold


The World Gold Council launched its new consumer research report highlighting opportunities for gold for those working in both retail investment and jewellery markets. The significant piece of research, with an 18,000-strong sample, looks at a range of markets including China, India, North America, Germany and Russia, and highlights unique insights into attitudes towards and […]

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Iran claims to have found new oilfield with 53 billion barrels of crude reserves; Norway discovers 100 million barrels reserves

Iran has claimed to have discovered a new oilfield in the southwest of the country that has the potential to boost its reserves by about a third, President Hassan Rouhani said to Reuters. “Workers and the exploration arm of the National Iranian Oil Company…have found an oilfield with 53 billion barrels of reserves,” Rouhani said […]

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Indian shrimp exports set to nearly double to $7 billion by 2022: CRISIL


CRISIL expects shrimp exports from India to nearly double to $7 billion by 2022, driven by strong demand, high quality, improved product mix, and an increase in aquaculture area in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Odisha and West Bengal – even as its Asian rivals battle structural issues and rising domestic consumption. In fiscal 2016, India became […]

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Falling demand in India may prompts India to export diesel

India’s sputtering economy is turning the energy-hungry nation into an unlikely source of diesel exports, reports Bloomberg. The industrial fuel is the lifeblood of Indian manufacturing, transport and agriculture, making it the country’s most-consumed petroleum product. But five straight quarters of slowing growth is taking an increasing toll on demand, resulting in diesel consumption slumping to the lowest since […]

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