Demand upsurge of plant-based meat alternatives in India


From beverages, cheeses to imitation meats, plant-based alternatives are on an ascent worldwide, constituting a billion-dollar industry.  In April this year Beyond Meat, a Los Angeles-based popular alternate protein brand, launched in India. It tied up with Tiffany Foods, a subsidiary of Allana Group of Companies, one of the largest exporter of processed foods and […]

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Trucks carry the Covid-19 vaccines, but how many truckers are vaccinated?


Martin Scorsese—the director who whets America’s obsession with gang movies—in his 2019 film ‘The Irishman’ inadvertently touched upon the vital cog of commodities: trucks and the American truck union Teamsters. The unsolved disappearance in 1975 of Jimmy Hoffa, President of America’s largest union Teamsters—they had enormous liquidity with pension funds and it is believed that […]

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Seven rules of thumb to follow in aquaponics


From a media bed unit start-up in Bangkok to a fully developed 120 households deep water culture (DWC) unit in Ethiopia, aquaponics is showcasing its true potential to produce sustainable food anytime, anywhere. A marriage between aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as fish, snails or prawns in tanks) and hydroponics (cultivating plants in water), aquaponics […]

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Millet’s miracle comes to fore in India, world’s largest rice supplier


An actor and cardiologist, Bharat Reddy, has always believed that you only live once. Therefore, when he stumbled upon a group of farmers in southern Indian Tamil Nadu state’s Rameshwaram, who seemed to have boundless energy, he wanted to discover their secret of youthfulness. Every now and then, they would scrunch up what looked like […]

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Origo to unveil e-auction platform in February; planning to cover three more states


Gurugram-headquartered agri-tech startup Origo Commodities, primarily known for post-harvest agriculture supply chain management specialization, is getting ready to add major digital components to its operations before the end of the current fiscal. Speaking with indoasiancommodities, Sunoor Kaul, Co-Founder & Director of the firm said the company is all set to unveil a dedicated e-auction and […]

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IFFCO-Kisan to use advanced technological tools like IoT, AI and precision farming to scale up high-tech farms


Iffco Kisan, a joint venture between fertilizer major Iffco and telecom giant Bharti Airtel is all set to scale up its high-tech farms initiative across the country. As part of the scaling up strategy, Iffco Kisan will focus on a specific set of nearly half a dozen crops.   Speaking with indoasiancommodities, Morup Namgail, Head […]

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