The Covid-19 crisis is hurting but not halting global growth in renewable power capacity, says IEA


The world is set to build fewer wind turbines, solar plants and other installations that produce renewable electricity this year because of the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, marking the first annual decline in new additions in 20 years, according to the International Energy Agency. But their growth is expected to resume next year as […]

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India’s new biofuels policy allocates Rs 5,000 crore for second generation ethanol plants

The Union Cabinet has unveiled a comprehensive biofuels policy which, among other things, allows farmers to divert excess crop produce for biofuels production and sets aside Rs 5,000 crore to help establish second-generation (2G) ethanol refineries. The National Biofuels Policy 2018 seeks to expand the range of feedstock available for ethanol production beyond sugar molasses, […]

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USDA releases latest global agricultural information network reports


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released the following report from its global agriculture information network: China: China Announces a Two-year Transitional Period on a Proposed Certificate Requirement for Imported Foods On September 25, 2017, China notified the World Trade Organization of an Addendum to the “Measures for the Administration of Certificates Attached to Foods […]

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