Modi asks Indian industry to forge rural partnerships to take advantage of agri reforms


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged industry leaders on Tuesday to partner with farmers to take full advantage of a plethora of reforms for the agriculture aimed at unleashing the sector’s dormant potential post the covid outbreak. Speaking at the inaugural session of Confederation of Indian Industry’s 125th annual general meeting titled “Getting Growth Back,” Modi […]

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India’s move to open commercial coal mining can halve its annual import bill, says CRISIL

India’s move to open up commercial coal mining can halve the annual expenditure incurred on importing non-coking coal because of substitution through domestic production. In fiscal 2020, India imported an estimated 180-190 million tonne (MT) of non-coking coal costing over Rs 90,000 crore. The government earlier this month approved the liberalisation of coal mining by […]

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Entry of private sector in India’s coal mining may not rescue stressed power plants

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s announcements over the weekend to allow commercial mining in India’s coal production and remove the government monopoly is unlikely to provide an immediate relief to stressed thermal power companies even as they benefit from improved coal linkages in the long run. Analysts say that since the earliest coal evacuation by the […]

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India says to open up coal sector, mineral mining to boost production


India announced major reforms for its coal sector in its efforts to attract more investments to boost domestic production at a time when the country is a net importer of coal despite having the world’s fourth-largest deposits. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman told reporters that there was an urgent need to reduce import of substitutable coal […]

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India looks to reform agri sector as COVID-19 restrictions are eased

By the end of last week, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi deliberated on ways to reform the agriculture sector and strengthen micro, small and medium enterprises to make them more vibrant.  He also discussed ways to ensure greater access of farmers to institutional credit and freeing the agriculture sector of various restrictions with appropriate backing […]

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