Drop in Brazilian supply can provide a boost to Indian coffee exports, says industry official


With volume uptick unlikely for the second year in a row in coffee consumption in the global market due to Corona led restrictions, Indian coffee exporters are expecting lower supply from the main producing country Brazil somewhat salvaging the situation for them in 2021. Speaking with indoasiancommodities, Ramesh Rajah, President, Coffee Exporters Association of India said the […]

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India’s coffee industry battles pandemic blues, tries to innovate as customers stay home


As the months of social distancing and work from home stretches on following the limited opening up of the economy to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are turning into their own baristas. Instant, artisanal, filter coffees and coffee beans are flying off the shelves at grocery marts as stay-at-home […]

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India’s Coffee Board cuts 2017-18 crop output forecast by 9.82 per cent

India’s Board’s final crop estimate based on crop harvest for 2017-18 is placed at 316,000 tonnes comprising 95,000 tonnes of arabica and 221,000 tonnes of robusta. There is an overall decline of 34,400 tonnes (-9.82 per cent) over the post blossom estimate of 2017-18 which projected 350,400 tonnes, said a statement from the board. The […]

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New Coffee Board chief says boosting India’s domestic off-take key to business

Boosting domestic consumption is crucial to protecting the interests of coffee growers, a newspaper quoted MS Boje Gowda,the newly appointed chairman of the Coffee Board, as saying. After 70 years, the Coffee Board has a grower as its chief in Boje Gowda, who is third generation planter. Till recently, bureaucrats headed the apex decision-making body […]

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India Coffee Board partners with space agency to map out coffee cultivation

The state-run Coffee Board has partnered with the Indian Space Research Organisation’s National Remote Sensing Centre to carry out geospatial mapping to estimate the latest inventory of the plantations. The government has begun mapping coffee plantations inventory across the country through remote sensing as the cultivation of the beverage crop has moved beyond the traditional […]

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