Trump says to end preferential trade status for India; New Delhi shrugs off threat


In what could impact India’s $5.6 billion worth of exports to the US, President Trump has said the United States may end India’s preferential trade treatment under a programme, but New Delhi shrugged off the threat saying the ipact would be minimal and that it would continue to engage with Washington to resolve the issue. Trump […]

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Gas security remains a concern despite improving market flexibility, well supplied markets – IEA


While gas markets are currently well supplied, the transformation of natural gas markets from regional systems to more globalised and interdependent markets is creating new security challenges, according to the International Energy Agency’s latest assessment of global gas security. In a report that provides an extensive analysis of recent gas balancing issues and risks with […]

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Australia can ensure India’s energy security, says Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Australia will be a reliable provider of coal, uranium and natural gas to ensure India’s energy security as it grows into a regional power, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said ahead his first visit to New Delhi. “India is undergoing a dramatic economic transformation and our close partnership creates opportunities for both nations,” he said in […]

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G20 leaders recognise steel overcapacity as a global issue; needs collective response

G-20 leaders, meeting in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, said they recognised that excess capacity in steel and other industries was a global issue that required a collective response, a press statement issued by the White House said after the summit ended. “The G-20 called for the formation of a Global Forum to take steps […]

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China’s high stakes in the British EU referendum

Beijing’s diplomatic campaign constitutes an unusual departure from the Chinese foreign policy principle of not interfering with the domestic matters of other countries. It shows how much Chinese investors in Britain worry about access to the single market and how much Beijing fears losing the UK as an advocate in Brussels. Read more in euobserver […]

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China and Taiwan need a boring summit – Bloomberg


This Saturday’s first-ever meeting between the leaders of China and Taiwan signals, on the face of it, a warming of relations. Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than that. Both sides need to take care that their historic summit isn’t too exciting, and doesn’t set this delicate and potentially dangerous relationship back, says Bloomberg admin

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