WEEKLY WRAP UP- Post Covid, a new world order emergeth: Modi


The Group of 20 major economies need to focus on broad-based vaccine rollouts and consider all financing options for deeply distressed countries, including an allocation of International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), IMF’s chief economist Gita Gopinath said. She also called for additional for poor countries who could “barely spend during this pandemic” and […]

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Rise in non-energy commodity prices in 2020 fastest since 2011


Commodity prices have risen rapidly as the manufacturing side of the global economy bounces back from the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic and lockdowns last year. By November 2020, global manufacturing activity had recovered all of its pandemic-related losses and merchandise trade volumes were more than 1% higher than prior-year levels. In contrast, much […]

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WEEKLY WRAP-UP – Economic disparity post-pandemic not sustainable


The new COVID-19 surge remains a near-term threat to the economic recovery. But over the course of the last 10 months, the economy has turned out to be more resilient in adapting to the virus and more responsive to monetary and fiscal policy support than many predicted. The development of several effective vaccines indicates that […]

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YEAR ENDER – Seven new energy technologies of 2020 – From the sublime to the ridiculous

New energy tech is undergoing a metamorphosis at breakneck speed, whether it’s the stock-boosting driverless Apple car or even masks for cows. Yes, you heard right, the clean energy buzz is giving rise to technologies and solutions that are close to being incredible. Following are top seven new energy technologies of this year, and the […]

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Pakistan won’t approve new coal power plants: Prime Minister Imran Khan


Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, announced over the weekend that as part of a number of efforts to counteract the effects of climate change, his administration will not approve new coal-fired power generation projects. “We have already scrapped two coal power projects which were supposed to produce 2,600 megawatts of energy. [We have] replaced them with hydroelectricity,” […]

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WEEKLY WRAP UP – Structural transformation, need of the hour


The COVID-19 crisis has been both an accelerator and a decelerator for already rooted trends in the global economy. On the downside, the pandemic hit amidst widening inequality, declining economic prospects, mounting vulnerabilities to climate change, and a weakened multilateralism. On the upside, expanding the transformative productive capacities of all could form the core of […]

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WEEKLY WRAP UP – Farmers protest continues unabated


For the first time since the pandemic began, there is now hope for a brighter future. Progress with vaccines and treatment have lifted expectations and uncertainty has receded. Thanks to unprecedented government and central bank action, global activity has rapidly recovered in many sectors, though some service activities remain impaired by physical distancing. The collapse […]

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