Seven rules of thumb to follow in aquaponics


From a media bed unit start-up in Bangkok to a fully developed 120 households deep water culture (DWC) unit in Ethiopia, aquaponics is showcasing its true potential to produce sustainable food anytime, anywhere. A marriage between aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as fish, snails or prawns in tanks) and hydroponics (cultivating plants in water), aquaponics […]

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Data – India’s 2019/20 horticulture output seen 3% higher than previous year


India’s total horticulture production in 2019-20 is estimated to be 3.13% higher than 2018-19, according to the second advance estimate released by the agriculture ministry. The ministry said in a statement that an increase in vegetables, fruits, aromatics and medicinal plants and flowers was observed over the previous year, while there was a fall in […]

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India’s floriculture market almost vanishes as farmers destroy crop

Flower farmers across the country have started uprooting full blossom plants amid difficulty in selling their produce following the closure of several mandis and shops because of the nationwide lockdown. Maintaining flowers in and off the field requires heavy investments and favourable climate. But, transportation to cold storages has become tough because of unavailability of labourers and […]

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India clocks record horticulture production of 300.6 million tonnes in 2016/17; output seen rising by 5 percent this fiscal


India’s horticulture production hit a record 300.6 million tonnes in 2016/17 and are seen rising by 5 percent in the current 2017/18 fiscal, according to the first advance estimated released by the agriculture ministry. The following table summarises the All-India Final Estimates: 2016-17 and 2017-18 (1st Advance Estimates): Total Horticulture 2015-16 2016-17 (Final) 2017-18 (First Adv. […]

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India expects record 300 million tonnes production of horticulture crops during 2016-17


India expects a record production of horticulture crops of around 300 million tonnes during 2016-17, which is 4.8 per cent higher than previous year’s estimates, the agriculture ministry has said. The area under horticulture crops during the year has increased from 24.5 million hectares to 25.1 million hectares, recording an increase of 2.6 per cent […]

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Flower production blooms in India due to favourable agro-climatic conditions

India produced 2.158 million tonnes of flowers during 2015-16, the junior agriculture and farmers’ welfare minister said, due to favourable agro-climatic conditions in the country. Parshottam Rupala told parliament that flowers were not grown in several states and were being exported to about 150 countries, but India’s share in the global floriculture trade was less […]

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India’s horticulture production rises at the cost of a drop in foodgrain output

India’s horticulture production rose by 1.3 percent year on year in 2014-15, while foodgrains production fell 4.9 percent in the same period, the junior agriculture minister told parliament. Mohanbhai Kundariya said the growth in horticulture crops was despite deficit monsoon, unseasonal rains and hailstorms in a major of part of the country.   Year Production […]

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