World cereal production to increase in 2019, but stocks to still decline slightly in 2019/20, says FAO


Early prospects point to a likely rebound of 2.7 percent in global cereal production in 2019, following a decline registered in 2018, the U.N. food agency said in its latest report. “Based on the conditions of crops already in the ground and on planting intentions for those still to be sown, and assuming normal weather […]

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World cereal markets remain well balanced in 2018/19, says FAO


Current world cereal production estimate for 2018, incorporating Chinese historical production revisions, stands at 2 655 million tonnes (including rice in milled terms), the U.N. food agency said in its latest monthly report. Although this figure is 46 million tonnes higher than the previous month’s estimate, world cereal production is still down 1.8 percent (48.8 […]

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Poor weather in key regions pushes IGC to reduce world wheat crop forecast to 5-year low


Global wheat production is likely to fall to a five-year low following significant downgrade to crop prospects in the European Union and Russia, the International Grains Council (IGC) said in its latest report. The inter-governmental body cut its forecast for world wheat production in 2018/19 by 16 million tonnes to 721 million tonnes, the lowest […]

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Slight decrease forecast for Australian winter crop production, says ABARES

Winter crop production is forecast to fall in 2018–19 to 38 million tonnes, with canola and chickpeas forecast to decrease, while wheat and barley production is forecast to increase, the Australian agriculture department (ABARES) said in its latest forecast. ABARES Executive Director, Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds, said the latest Australian crop report provided a mixed outlook for Australia’s […]

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Higher maize crop pushes up month-on-month world total grains output forecast — IGC


A higher maize crop, mostly in the United States, is mainly responsible for a 6 million tonnes month-on-month increase in the forecast for world total grains production in 2017/18, the International Grains Council (IGC) said in in its latest monthly report. It forecast total wheat and coarse grains production the 2017/18 at 2,075 million tonnes, […]

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Commodities declined in September on weakening demand expectations, says Credit Suisse


Commodities declined in September on weakening demand expectations for metals and agricultural commodities, according to Credit Suisse Asset Management. The Bloomberg Commodity Index Total Return performance was negative for the month, with 12 out of 22 Index constituents posting losses. Credit Suisse Asset Management observed the following: Industrial Metals fell 3.75% on prospects of lower […]

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Solar PV grew faster than any other fuel in 2016; new era for solar power, says IEA


New solar PV capacity grew by 50% last year, with China accounting for almost half of the global expansion, according to the International Energy Agency’s latest renewables market analysis and forecast. For the first time, solar PV additions rose faster than any other fuel, surpassing the net growth in coal. Boosted by a strong solar […]

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