De-dollarization push by China and Russia, among others might skyrocket gold prices even higher


The gold bears have finally caved under the deafening barrage of fiscal and geopolitical catalysts, from Fed hints to intensely brewing conflict with Iran. Gold is already trading well above its 5-year high. Not only has the U.S.-Iran conflict reached a boiling point, with Trump readying to deploy an additional 1,000 troops to the Middle […]

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PM Modi calls upon farmers to cut usage of chemical fertilisers, pesticides

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an emotional appeal to farmers to reduce use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides by 10-25% to save the soil. He invoked the sacrifices of freedom fighters and asked farmers to get blessings in saving ‘Mother Earth’ by reducing the chemicals used in agriculture. Pointing out that no one has the right to […]

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Lasalgaon onion prices firm upon demand from other states and monsoon woes


Average wholesale prices of onion in the country’s wholesale market at Lasalgaon have gone up to Rs 1,600 per quintal owing to high demand from other states. Arrivals this week touched around 22,000 quintals and minimum prices were Rs 700 per quintal while maximum prices were Rs 1,760 per quintal. Market committee officials said that […]

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Lab-grown diamond jewellery exports from India to capture 2% of US market

Jewellery made from lab-grown diamonds is likely to capture over 2 per cent of India’s $14 billion worth of overall gems and jewellery exports to the US, the world’s largest consumer of the precious stones and metals, contributing nearly half of the world production. Exports to US, the largest market for Indian exporters is estimated at $280 […]

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Rising gold prices boost India’s forex reserves

The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI’s) strategy to add gold to forex reserves has started bearing fruits. The rising price of the precious metal has helped the central bank increase overall forex reserves despite currency reserves not rising, and sometimes even falling. According to the RBI’s forex reserves data, put out every week, its foreign currency reserves […]

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