Satellites reveal major new gas industry methane leaks


Last year, European Space Agency satellites detected huge plumes of the invisible planet-warming gas methane leaking from the Yamal pipeline that carries natural gas from Siberia to Europe. Energy consultancy Kayrros estimated one leak was spewing out 93 tonnes of methane every hour, meaning the daily emissions from the leakage were equivalent to the amount […]

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Has China sowed the seeds of a major energy revolution?

China just extracted gas from ‘flammable ice’, and it could lead to a brand new energy source. Reports from the Ministry of Land and Resources say that the country has successfully extracted methane hydrate — also known as “flammable ice” — from beneath the South China Sea,  just 300 kilometers southeast of Hong Kong. “We brought the gas […]

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India launches #Gas4India campaign aimed at promoting use of nautral gas in the country

India, striving hard to increase the share of natural gas in the country’s energy basket, launched a special campaign aimed promoting the use of gas in various domestic and industrial activities. Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched the unified cross-country, multimedia, multi-event campaign to communicate the national, social, economic and ecological benefits of using […]

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