India to seek exception from World Trade Organisation (WTO) for exports of grain 

India is likely to push for “special carve-outs” in the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules in its ministerial meeting starting June 12. The “carve out rule” allows a country to ship out grains from its official reserves under exceptional circumstances to help address a global food shortage.  At present, WTO rules make it difficult for […]

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Indian Tea Association calls for introduction of a Minimum Floor Price for tea

The Indian Tea Association (ITA) said that there is a need for introduction of a minimum floor price for made teas and green-leaf benchmarked to quality. The floor price would account for production costs, ensuring a self-sustaining model for all producers, large and small. Tea prices are currently governed by demand and supply in the […]

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Big boost for farmers in Budget 2022-23; Rs 2.37 lakh crore MSP direct payments announced


In a major boost to farmers, finance minister Nirmala in her budget speech announced Rs 2.37 lakh crore worth of MSP direct payments to wheat and paddy farmers in the Budget for FY22-23. “Procurement of wheat in Rabi season 2021-22 and the estimated procurement of paddy in Kharif season 2021-22 will give cover 1208 lakh […]

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