Weekly Wrap – “Don’t raise taxes to pay for Covid”


A day after Britain announced plans to raise its corporation tax on big companies to 25% from 19%, the first hike in nearly half a century, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) asked countries to avoid tax hikes to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. “Don’t raise your taxes to pay for COVID,” OECD head […]

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Weekly wrap – Signs of stronger-than-expected economic recovery

Global economists updated China’s economic outlook this week given the new COVID-19 situation and effects of policy support, and expect a sustainable and more balanced recovery this year. China’s economy is projected to grow by 8.1 percent this year, built on its effective pandemic containment measures and policy support, according to the latest International Monetary […]

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Rising food prices temporary, will be normal soon: DEA Secretary


The current trend of increases food prices, particularly vegetables like onions and potatoes is  a temporary phenomenon, Economic Affairs Secretary Tarun Bajaj said. However, arrival of new crops and measures by the government to improve supply of essential commodities will soon put a stop to the skyrocketing prices, he added. Some commodities like onion, potatoes […]

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