COMMENTARY – Global economic turmoil playing havoc with precious metals


­­­The turbulence in global economic dynamics is playing havoc with precious metals, with gold continuing to be under pressure with prices once again falling below the psychological $1,200 an ounce and silver all but collapsing, touching $14 an ounce. A firmer US dollar, higher US bond yields and importantly a rising US stock market is […]

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Commodities declined in September on weakening demand expectations, says Credit Suisse


Commodities declined in September on weakening demand expectations for metals and agricultural commodities, according to Credit Suisse Asset Management. The Bloomberg Commodity Index Total Return performance was negative for the month, with 12 out of 22 Index constituents posting losses. Credit Suisse Asset Management observed the following: Industrial Metals fell 3.75% on prospects of lower […]

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Low platinum prices push jewellery demand: Demand in India grows by over 11 per cent

Diamonds may be forever, but for budget-conscious ring-bearers, the preferred material might well be platinum. According to the Platinum Guild International, low platinum prices in 2016 had retailers stocking up on the precious metal, with Indians and Americans the most likely to put a ring on it. In India platinum demand soared 11.4%, while in the […]

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Know your precious metals before investing


Gold, silver, platinum and palladium are four most popular precious metals that are also viable investment choices. The markets are developed and trading in these metals is popular. Precious metals are rare, naturally occurring, metallic elements that have high economic value. In general, they are less reactive than most elements, and tend to be ductile and have a high lustre. In […]

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World Bank sees a surge in industrial commodities prices in 2017


The World Bank is forecasting strong gains for industrial commodities such as energy and metals in 2017, due to tightening supply and strengthening demand. In its January 2017 Commodity Markets Outlook, the World Bank is holding steady its crude oil price forecast for the year at $55 per barrel, a 29 percent jump from 2016. The […]

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Silver Streaks

Gold started 2016 on a torrid pace, as investors scrambled to buy physical gold as well as record-amounts of gold ETFs. A quick glance at the year’s best-performing commodities has gold at the top, beating almost everything (except lumber) in dollar terms so far. Silver, which tends to closely follow gold, has been on a slightly […]

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