India says expects crucial southwest monsoon to be normal this year


The critical southwest monsoon seasonal (June to September) rainfall, which feeds India’s billion plus people, is most likely to be normal this year, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said in a statement, raising hopes a struggling economy will get a boost as the agriculture sector benefits. “Quantitatively, the monsoon seasonal (June to September) rainfall over […]

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Good rainfall and GI tag attempting to bring saffron production back to its glory days in Kashmir


Good rains this season and GI tag for Kashmiri saffron has encouraged farmers in Jammu and Kashmir to produce saffron again. Many Kashmir farmers have been deterred from engaging in saffron cultivation as a result of the invasion of cheap Iranian saffron into Indian and international markets. Iranian saffron is up to 48% cheaper than Kashmiri […]

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India’s rubber production hit by heavy rains in Kerala

India’s natural rubber (NR) production is expected to drop sharply in October and November, as heavy rains have been disrupting tapping activity in the country’s top NR producing state, Kerala. With production dipping India, the world’s second-biggest consumer of natural rubber, may have to increase imports in the coming months from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, […]

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Onion prices show hefty rise on stock damage across India; fresh kharif produce awaited

Onion prices have increased by Rs 750 a quintal over the past ten days in markets across Maharashtra’s Nashik district, the commodity’s hub. But, prices are likely to head south once early Kharif onion begins arriving next month. Traders have raised the prices citing damage to stocks in storages. The rise in prices will also […]

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South India could get 40 percent more rain due to global warming: IPCC report


Monsoon extremes are likely to increase over India and South Asia, while the frequency of short intense rainy days is expected to rise, noted an IPCC report on climate change. The report also states that extreme weather and poor air quality is likely to gut India’s poor farmers and low-income workers, unless remedial actions are […]

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Drought unfolds in key U.S. crop states

A harsh drought grew more severe across major parts of the U.S. farm belt this week, threatening recently planted corn, soybean and spring wheat crops in Iowa, Minnesota and the Dakotas, meteorologists and climatologists said on Thursday. Rains forecast for the northern Midwest and Great Plains this weekend and next week will bring relief to […]

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