India’s vegetable oil imports down by 2% in November 2020 to 11.02 lakh tonnes: SEA


India’s vegetable oil imports fell by 2 per cent in November to 11.02 lakh tonnes due to a sharp decline in inward shipments of refined palm oil, according to industry data. The marketing year for vegetable oils (edible and non-edible oils) runs from November to October. “Import of vegetable oils during November 2020 is reported […]

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Imports of copper, paperboard, RBD likely to decline on stringent ‘rules of origin’

India’s imports of copper, RBD (refined, bleached and deodorised) palmolein, paper and paperboard are likely to decline in the coming quarters due to stringent norms being put in place on the ‘rules of origin’ to check undue dumping of these commodities under Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) from non-producing countries. Sharp increases in the import of copper, RBD palmolein, paper […]

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India announces change in tariff value of several agri commodities, gold and silver

India announced changes in tariff value of crude palm oil, RBD palm oil, palm oil, crude palmolein, RBD palmolein, crude soybean oil, brass scrap (all grades), poppy seeds, areca nuts, gold and silver The Department of Revenue said in a statement that it was announcing the following changes: TABLE-1 Sl. No. Chapter/ heading/ sub-heading/tariff item […]

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