India most cost-effective globally in rooftop solar power: a joint study by India, UK and US universities

A global study conducted jointly by Ahmedabad University, Imperial College, London; and Columbia University, US has found that India is the most cost-effective country for generating rooftop solar energy at $ 66 per megawatt-hour, while the cost in China is marginally higher at $ 68 per megawatt-hour. Due to the lower cost, rooftop solar photovoltaics (RTSPV) […]

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Tata Power to increase renewable energy capacity to 15GW

Tata Power plans to increase its renewable energy portfolio in order to become a 15 gigawatts (GW) company in the coming years, the company’s chairperson Natarajan Chandrasekaran said in the Annual General Meeting. The company plans to focus on building scale in its rooftop solar, solar pumps, electric vehicle charging systems, and home automation businesses. […]

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Government schools in Delhi plan to monetise solar power


Government schools in Delhi are eyeing substantial income, apart from significant reduction in electricity bills, as they start earning money by selling electricity generated by the rooftop solar systems installed on their buildings, reports Financial Express. Under the Centre’s scheme for government building solarisation, the Delhi government has developed over 21 mega-watt (MW) of solar […]

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