ATMA to invest Rs 1,100 crore to encourage rubber plantation in northeast India


Industry body Automotive Tyre Manufactures Association (ATMA) will invest Rs 1,100 crore to undertake rubber plantation in additional 2,00,000 hectares of land in northeast India in the next five years. Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal, while participating in a virtual seminar, thanked ATMA for agreeing to invest Rs 1,100 crore for developing a plantation in […]

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India’s commerce ministry likely to extend anti-dumping duty on carbon black

The commerce ministry of India has recommended for extension of anti-dumping duty for five years on carbon black from China and Russia. Used in the rubber and tyre industry, the anti-dumping duty on carbon black was imposed to guard domestic players from cheap imports from these two countries. In a notification, the ministry’s investigation arm […]

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Sebi proposes one commodity, one exchange model to make India influence global prices


To deepen and grow commodity markets in India with an intention to make India a price-setter than a price-taker, the Securities and Exchange Board of India has proposed, ‘one commodity, one exchange’ plan even though currently multiple exchanges are allowed to launch contract on the same commodity to create competition and give choice to investors, says a report in Business […]

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Pre-Christmas ‘Santa Claus’ rally boosts Kerala’s natural rubber market to Rs 132 per kg

The pre-Christmas price rally phenomenon in rubber, better known as Santa Claus rally, has given a much-needed touch of festivity to the domestic rubber price, sagging under the strain of slowdown in demand, reports Financial Express. From Rs. 126 per kg in mid-November, the domestic price of the premium grade natural rubber, RSS-4 sheet, used […]

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Rain-guarding helps rubber output go up by 14,000 tonnes in July 2019: Rubber Board of India

According to the Rubber Board of India, timely rain-guarding has increased natural rubber output in India by 14,000 tonnes in July 2019, on an year-on-year basis. The production recorded in July was 60,000 tonne, while it was 46,000 tonne in July 2018. “Confronted with a drastic reduction in production during the last few years, the […]

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ICRA sees tyre industry’s revenue growth falling by 3-4% in FY20

The credit profile of Indian tyre industry is likely to weaken in FY2020 affected by the ongoing slowdown in domestic automotive industry, rising raw material (RM) prices and higher spend towards debt-funded capacity expansion, ratings agency ICRA Ltd. said in its latest report. Nevertheless, the long-term outlook on industry credit profile is stable, the agency […]

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COMMENTARY – Kerala floods to hit India’s coffee, spices and rubber output hard


The devastating floods in Kerala have brought the state’s economy to a standstill, with tens of thousands of farmers clueless about their future, as rainwaters have destroyed yearlong plantations, hitting coffee, spices and rubber. “Preliminary findings show that nearly 1,82,000 farmers are directly affected, and nearly 28,150 hectares of farm land are submerged in flood […]

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All is not lost for Indian rubber planters as they turn to beekeeping to feed their coffers

Rubber plantation farmers in Kerala and Tamil Nadu are now turning to bee farming to earn extra income. The earlier government initiatives have not eased the tension for rubber plantation farmers. Rubber growers expressed their displeasure over poor price realization and then on the Centre easing port restrictions for NR (natural rubber) imports under AAS […]

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Indian tyre firms seek import of 4.7 lakh tonnes of duty-free rubber

Tyre companies in India have raised their voice again for duty-waived natural rubber import, quoting latest data on production projections from Rubber Board of India. They have sought zero-duty imports equivalent to the projected domestic deficit in natural rubber. Natural rubber production-consumption gap estimated for the current fiscal touched 4.7 lakh stonne as per the […]

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