China may have created a huge opportunity for the oil & gas industry

China will remove the joint venture requirement for foreign companies wanting to enter its oil and gas industry as it moves to open up a range of industries as per a pledge it made during its continuing trade dispute with the United States. Bloomberg reports the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission had announced it would remove the joint […]

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India unveils spacecraft that will look for energy sources on the moon


Chandrayaan-2, India’s second lunar mission, will explore the south side of the moon, a region where no mission has ever set foot.  India’s space agency unveiled last week the spacecraft that it hopes will get to the Moon by September, making the country the fourth to achieve a soft landing on the Earth’s natural satellite […]

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India levies retaliatory tariffs on 28 US products

Finally, after deferring retaliatory tariffs on the US for months, India has decided to impose higher tariffs on 28 American products including almonds, apples and walnut effective June 16, the government said in a notification. The retaliatory tariffs, triggered by the US announcing higher duties on Indian steel and aluminium last year, were deferred multiple […]

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