China’s total meat imports to rise marginally amid recovery from swine flu

China’s total imports of meat this year will be 1% higher than a previous estimate, though the country’s total meat consumption would remain below pee-African Swine Flu levels, according to the US Department for Agriculture (USDA). The impact of African Swine Flu is expected to have reached its zenith last year, pressuring consumption.But demand has rebounded, […]

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Strong demand from China, tight supplies propels 50% rise in US soybean prices

Brisk demand from China and tight supplies has propelled a 50% rise in US soybean prices since mid-August, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). After falling back a tad from late-November highs, prices in December continued to rise. Cash prices pushed past $13/bushel in early January in tandem with futures prices that rose […]

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World cotton stocks to fall in 2020/21 on lower output, higher consumption


World’s cotton ending stocks are expected to decline by 3.9 million bales during 2020/21 at 97.5 million bales, reflecting lower production and higher consumption, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The stocks will drop by 1.9 million bales from last year’s level. The decline in production by 2.2 million bales during the year […]

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World’s third largest wheat producer US output to dip in 2020/21


World’s third largest wheat producer the US output estimates for 2020/21 is expected to dip slightly this month,  according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The country’s output of the grain is expected to drop by 5 million bushels 180,000 kg) to 120 million bushels.  However, exports are likely to increase by 10 million bushels […]

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Global sugar output seen up 9.6% in 2020/21

Global sugar production during the marketing year 2020/21 is estimated to rise by 9.6% to 182 million tons, with largest producer Brazil expected to account for three-fourths of the surge, according to the US Department of Agriculture.  Brazil’s production is forecast to rebound 40% to 42.1 million due to higher returns to sugar compared to […]

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Global 2020/21 oilseed output forecast at 597 mln tons, down 8 mln from October – USDA

Global 2020/21 oilseed production is forecast at 597 million tons, down 8 million from October, the USDA said in its latest monthly forecast, due to lower soybean output in the United States, Argentina and India, and sunflowerseed production in Ukraine and Russia, Dry weather is a principal driver in many markets with lower sunflowerseed production […]

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