Indian government asks edible oil makers to remove packing temperature details by 15 January, 2023

The government directed edible oil makers, packers and importers to mention net quantity in terms of volume and weight on the labels instead of temperature at the time of packing as part of efforts to curb unfair business practices. The entities have been given time till January 15, 2023, to correct the labelling, the consumer affairs […]

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India’s seafood exports touch $6.68 billion in 2019-20


India’s seafood exports during 2019-20 touched 1,289,651 tonnes of seafood, worth $ 6.68 billion, compared with 1,392,559 tonnes of seafood (worth $6.73 billion) the previous year. In rupee terms, seafood exports during the year were 0.16 per cent higher than in 2018-19, but in terms of quantity and dollar value, they declined by 7.39 per cent and 0.74 per […]

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