Rising gold prices boost India’s forex reserves

The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI’s) strategy to add gold to forex reserves has started bearing fruits. The rising price of the precious metal has helped the central bank increase overall forex reserves despite currency reserves not rising, and sometimes even falling. According to the RBI’s forex reserves data, put out every week, its foreign currency reserves […]

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WGC releases ‘Blueprint for Gold Spot Exchange in India: Report of the Industry Steering Committee’

Chaired by the World Gold Council, the industry steering committee  has released a blueprint for Gold Spot Exchange in India. The report is both wide ranging and inclusive, covering the vision of the industry committee for the future, combined with pragmatic guidance around successful implementation of the Gold Spot Exchange in India. A feasibility study […]

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Near term gold demand may soften, reforms in India and China likely to support long term demand: WGC in Mid-year 2019 Gold Outlook

In its mid-year 2019 gold outlook released today, World Gold Council has said that over the next six to twelve months, financial market uncertainty and accommodative monetary policy will likely support gold investment demand . “Price momentum and positioning may fuel rallies and create pullbacks, as investors continuously reassess their expectations based on new information, […]

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Gold will continue to remain attractive for investors, post FOMC meeting: WGC

The upcoming Federal Reserve Open Markets Committee (FOMC) meeting on 20 March, 2019 is expected to confirm market expectations that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will remain on hold for the rest of the year. This, in turn, will likely influence gold’s performance. Our historical analysis shows that when the Fed has shifted from a tightening […]

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Gold-backed ETFs gained globally in 2018, even with North America outflows


Gold-backed exchange-traded funds ended 2018 with new inflows globally as uncertainty about Britain’s exit from the EU drove investors to the perceived safety of European-backed ETFs, more than offsetting outflows in North America resulting from a strong U.S. dollar, says a Reuters report. Gold-backed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) worldwide registered net inflows of $3.4 billion, a […]

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Global gold demand rises 2% in 2016 as investment surges to four-year high – WGC


Global gold demand rose 2% in 2016 to reach 4,309 tonnes (t), the highest level since 2013, according to the World Gold Council’s (WGC) latest Gold Demand Trends report. This was largely driven by inflows into gold-backed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) of 532t, the second-highest year on record, as investors responded to concerns over future […]

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